February 21, 2015

The Canon Talks | Marking Books DNF

I hate not finishing a book. Maybe it’s an OCD thing, or simply a drive to finish what I’ve started, but whenever I start a book, it feels like I should give it a fair shake. Physically putting a book down is one of the hardest things in the world for me.


You might think it’s a bit silly, but each book is someone’s heart and soul, their hopes and dreams, their struggles…and I owe it to them to read it. It would be horrible to look online and find my work marked DNF.

DNF can feel like a cop-out rating: occasionally, it’s based solely on personal preferences and can’t be explained as simply as the writing was horrible. To choose to not finish a book is a tough thing, especially for me. But I have my limits:

There are some issues I just can’t overlook:
1. Animal cruelty
2. Descriptive, graphic torture
3. Pedophilia

And a few in the writing…
1. Dull, one-dimensional character (like Ana in Fifty Shades)
2. Flat, lifeless dialogue.
3. Lack of plot.
4. Poor narration.

Beyond those, I’ll give anything a try. However, it’s come down to this: there aren’t enough hours in the day anymore. Instead of forcing myself to finish a book that just isn’t clicking with me or has one of the above issues, I’m going to mark it DNF. I always felt a bit of guilt when writing a DNF review, for I hate writing an entire post about something I dislike/hate. However, I found a solution! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post – The Good, the Bad, and the DNF.

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