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October 2, 2015

10 Reasons You Need to Read “You Deserve A Drink” Today

10 Reasons You Need to Read “You Deserve A Drink” TodayYou Deserve a Drink: Boozy Misadventures and Tales of Debauchery by Mamrie Hart, Grace Helbig
Publisher: Plume, May 2015
Pages: 288
Format: Hardcover
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The riotously funny debut from the drinking star with a YouTube problem
Since launching her YouTube channel “You Deserve a Drink” in 2011, comedian Mamrie Hart has built an intensely devoted following of more than half a million viewers. Like her bawdy and bacchanalian show, Hart’s eponymous debut pays tribute to her boozy misadventures with an original cocktail recipe accompanying each hilarious tale. From the “Leaves of Three Martini,” commemorating the hookup to whom she accidentally gave poison ivy, to the “Bizzargarita,” in honor of the time she and a friend were approached by two uber-Republican couples who wanted to “swing” while on vacation in Mexico, You Deserve a Drink is as useful as it is entertaining.

1. Having a bad day? Mamrie’s quick, witty narrative is guaranteed to make everything better.

2. After reading the stories about Topless Tuesday, Tuesday will never be the same again.
3. Get tips on how to pass French, break the ice at a bachelorette party and deal with internet trolls. 

4. Find out how to talk your way out of a ticket, courtesy of Mamrie’s mama. 
5. Your worst travel story is nothing compared to Mamrie’s overnight layover in Malaysia.
6. Each chapter begins with a new cocktail recipe!

7. Missed spring break in college (or want to relive it)? Her spring break tales are hilarious
8. Her focus on the importance of friends reminded me to be grateful for mine.
9. Tip – always check for poison ivy.
10. You deserve a laugh.

5 Stars

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