Review Policy

Thank you so much for checking out my review policy! 

The Canon is currently not accepting review requests unless I have worked with the author previously (2/16/15).

I will consider and respond to all requests. However, I write this blog because I genuinely love books – this is my hobby, not my job. I appreciate every offer made to me. I am currently accepting advanced reader copies, uncorrected proofs, bound books and audiobooks for review in the following genres:

  • Chick Lit
  • Contemporary
  • Dystopian
  • Paranormal
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Young Adult
  • Historical Fiction
  • Mysteries/Thrillers
  • Science Fiction

I am not accepting self-published novels at this time unless they are from authors I have previously worked with.

Hard copies of novels take precedence over ecopies (Here is my snail mail address). 

I currently am able to accept Kindle (.mobi) and .epub files for review. No PDFs please.

I am on NetGalley and Edelweiss, so if your book is available on one of those sites, please let me know.

Please send review requests to my email. When emailing me regarding a request, please include:
  • Title of the book
  • Genre
  • Novel length (novella, full-length, etc)
  • Please indicate if it is a hard copy or ebook
  • A blurb and/or website with information regarding the book
  • Digital media kit
  • A requested time frame for review. I will try to publish as closely as possible to the book’s release date.
I do intend to publish my honest opinion on all books received.  If I did not like the book, I will not publish the review upon request. Otherwise, I will post my reviews. My reviews include cover art, publication details, synopsis (found on or, my personal thoughts and author links. 

Disclaimer: I cannot always guarantee a completely positive review. I will, however, guarantee a fair, honest and diplomatic one. In the case that I do not like your book, I will email you and we will decide where to go from there. I do not want to give any negative publicity, but I will not publish against my feelings. 

I do have quite a lot of books, but if there is a time constraint (i.e., publishing date, release date), I will do my best to bump your book up in line to ensure the date is met. 

I do cross-post to Amazon and GoodReads as well as advertising posts on various social networks.

I will never sell an ARC (although I think that goes without saying, but just in case). I will treat ARCs with respect, because, despite all the rules and warnings on this page, getting book requests is very exciting for me!

Disclaimer: All reviews are done by me. Unless otherwise stated, all books are bought by me or borrowed from the library. If I receive a book for review from a publisher/author/etc, I will state it in the publication details.

Quotes from my reviews may be used in publication, publicity or whatever the author/publisher needs. Please credit me by using the blog’s name (The Canon) and the review by linking (when possible). 

I appreciate the time you took to look over my policy before contacting me. Thank you for considering The Canon and I truly look forward to hearing from you!

I love to hear from you, from everything from comments to email! I check all my accounts as often as I can, and I promise I will get back to you in a timely fashion.