Behind The Canon

Welcome to The Canon, home of book reviews, discussions, the occasional rambling and photos of coffee and running shoes. 

I created The Canon my first year of college and fell in love with blogging. (More of The Canon’s story here!)

My mission with The Canon is to create a place where anyone, no matter their preferences, can find the perfect read.

So please, look around. Find your book. Let me know if The Canon helped you to find a new author, new series, new book.

First time here? Here’s some reader faves.
Fire on the Island by J.K. Hogan

Need a book to start? My GoodReads is organized by genre. 


I love to run, cook and eat. I watch Chopped every times it’s on. There are piles of books lining our house, a problem that’s only slightly improved now that I have a home library. 

I live in California, but my heart will always belong in Texas.

4 Random Facts About Me

1. I notoriously forget to return library books. I think I’m single-handedly supporting our local library.
2. I have three rescue animals.
3. I love fluffy, silly books. 
4. I’ll read anything, but romance and mystery are my favorites. You like those, too? We’ll get along just fine.

If you want to read more about me, my bookish thoughts or those ramblings…

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