September 23, 2015

25 Book Blogging Prompts

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It happens to all of us: the epic writer’s block, the creative well runs dry, the ideas just won’t come. I complied the list below of my go-to book blog ideas that I go to when I’m running a little empty on posts. 

  1. Top favorite genre books
  2. Ten reasons you should read this author
  3. Sequels: Did this book really need a sequel OR why doesn’t this book have a sequel?
  4. How I organize my books
  5. Social media tips and tricks
  6. Update on your annual challenges (like your GoodReads challenge or any personal reading challenges)
  7. Page versus screen – which wins? (Love to do a post on Gabaldon’s Outlander)
  8. Want to try genre? Try this!
  9. Best bookish movies
  10. A day in the life (I love these!)
  11. What I’m watching
  12. If we were having coffee
  13. If I were building my dream library…
  14. Ebook versus traditional debate.
  15. Overused tropes in x genre.
  16. In defense of…(author, series, genre, trend, whatever!)
  17. All gif review (I haven’t done this yet – I think I’m waiting for the right book to come along)
  18. Top ten books I will (would) recommend to my book club 
  19. 5 Desert Island books (what would you take?)
  20. My review writing process
  21. My bookish wish list (any and everything!)
  22. Genre/series I’ve never tried and why
  23. Interview a character (maybe like a gossip column?!)
  24. Best fan art for book/series
  25. Inspired by series/book/author
What are your standby ideas for getting out of a post rut? Please share! I hope this takes some of the stress of finding ideas off…

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